A Series of Consequences Caused by Error of Driving Chain Manufacturer


The chain will not only produce errors in the use proce […]

The chain will not only produce errors in the use process, but sometimes some of its errors are brought from the production process. What adverse consequences will the errors of the chain cause? The Driving chain manufacturer has a say.

Error in chain production is a common phenomenon. As a part of transmission system, the error of chain will directly affect the correctness of tool movement. In some cases, it will also become the main factor affecting machining accuracy. For example, when hobbing gears, the ratio of the rotating speed of the hob to the rotating speed of the workpiece needs to be constant to maintain a strict motion relationship.

However, if there are manufacturing errors and assembly errors in the chain as a transmission element, the correct motion relationship will be destroyed and the rolled-out gear will have errors. Therefore, the transmission accuracy of the machine tool transmission chain depends first on the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of each transmission element, and secondly on the position of each transmission element in the transmission chain. Both aspects should be well controlled.