Adapt To The Actual Application Requirements Of Roller Chains


Roller chain is an important accessory on many types of […]

Roller chain is an important accessory on many types of equipment, so it is very important to ensure quality. However, due to various factors, the roller chain is not perfect in some aspects. Therefore, we should pay special attention when choosing roller chains, and all aspects should be considered carefully.

The key is the material of the roller chain. The principle is to meet the higher surface hardness, wear resistance, plasticity at both ends, fatigue strength and other aspects to meet the actual application requirements. However, all these can only be determined after scientific calculation and experimental analysis.

Generally speaking, low carbon steel and low carbon alloy steel can meet the requirements if the shear stress and extrusion stress at both ends of the roller chain are not very large, but I'm afraid it is difficult to bear the stress at the hinge of the roller chain. In order to reduce the wear degree of the middle part of the roller chain, the surface of the roller chain must be strengthened so that its hardness and wear resistance can be improved.

After understanding the above, next time you choose the roller chain, you will know what to do to ensure the service life of the product.