Analysis And Application of Chain Drive by Driving Chain Manufacturer


The Driving chain manufacturer has done the following a […]

The Driving chain manufacturer has done the following analysis of the chain drive, compared with belt transmission, chain transmission has no elastic sliding and slipping, and can maintain an accurate average transmission ratio; The required tension is small, and the pressure acting on the shaft is also small, which can reduce the friction loss of the bearing. Compact structure; Able to work under harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature and oil pollution.

Compared with gear transmission mode, the manufacturing and installation accuracy of chain transmission is lower. The transmission structure is simple when the center distance is large. The instantaneous chain speed and the instantaneous transmission ratio are not constant, so the transmission stability is poor, and there is some impact and noise during operation.

The average transmission ratio of chain transmission is accurate, the transmission efficiency is high, the adaptation range of the distance between shafts is large, and the chain transmission can be used in environments with higher temperature and humidity. However, chain drive can only be used for parallel shaft transmission in general, and its instantaneous transmission ratio fluctuates, resulting in higher transmission noise. Because the links are rigid, there is a polygon effect (i.e. non-uniform motion). This motion characteristic changes the instantaneous transmission ratio of chain drive and causes additional dynamic load and vibration, which should be considered when selecting chain drive parameters. Chain transmission is widely used in transportation, agriculture, light industry, mining, petrochemical and machine tool industries.