Analysis of Several Common Faults of Agricultural Chain


Analysis of several common failures of agricultural cha […]

Analysis of several common failures of agricultural chain, wear and tear in the process of use are common things, common chain wear is more common. Agricultural chain wear is generally due to long-term use of the chain, improper operation in the use process, poor quality of steel materials used in the chain, etc.

Slight wear of the agricultural chain will not cause great damage to the chain. instead of replacing the chain, the chain can be installed reversely so that the worn side faces the sprocket. If both sides of the chain are worn, it can only be replaced. The maintenance of agricultural chains is very important for the service life of the chains, and the chains should be lubricated regularly to clean up the dirt. The service environment of agricultural chains is also critical to the service life of the chains. Generally, stainless steel chains, galvanized chains, and nickel-plated chains are better for corrosive occasions and outdoors.

In addition to wear and tear, agricultural chains often break. Rupture usually occurs when the agricultural chain is improperly used. For example, if the chain carries too much material and exceeds the load of the chain, the chain will break. In addition, the chain will break if it is used too much and the agricultural chain will stop running.