Analysis of the Causes of Damage to Conveyor Chains by China Chain Supplier


When using the conveyor chain, it may be damaged for va […]

When using the conveyor chain, it may be damaged for various reasons. In this case, in order to ensure continued work, the conveyor chain should be changed and can be changed separately, but the corresponding parts of the two chains should be changed at the same time, thus ensuring both sides. The same is handled. Let China chain supplier analyze the causes of damage to the conveyor chain.

1. Shock damage

When the impact load is too large, the conveyor chain will generate a lot of stress and deformation, which is very easy to break the chain.

2. Wearyness is destroyed

If the long-term circulation depends on the load, it will cause the conveyor chain to be tired and broken. In addition, if the conveyor chain itself has external defects, it will be deepened from time to time after the crack.

3. Friction

In the process of application, the chain ring and the sprocket will friction from time to time to form wear and deformation, which will lead to lower strength, and finally only need to be impacted to break, especially the material and manufacturing quality have not reached the specification request.