Another Possibility of Palm Oil Chain Failure


If it is found that the palm oil chain in use has a fai […]

If it is found that the palm oil chain in use has a failure phenomenon, it is mostly caused by poor lubrication, but if the lubrication conditions of the palm oil chain are better, but the failure still occurs, what is going on?

This is another possibility that leads to the failure of wear-resistant palm oil chain. Due to fatigue damage, the state of palm oil chain is changeable, with tight and loose edges, so the load they bear will also change. During the surface treatment, cracks will gradually appear due to the principle of various external forces, and the cracks will slowly change over time, which may lead to fatigue and fracture.

This requires that all kinds of measures should be taken to improve the strength of parts when processing material strips. Chemical heat treatment is better than carburizing and shot peening.