China Chain Factory Achieves Three Distances


In industrial transmission, the industrial conveyor cha […]

In industrial transmission, the industrial conveyor chain is a common equipment. It is a flexible component consisting of the same or opposite parts. It has multi-tooth bearing, safe and reliable, large center distance range, low manufacturing and installation accuracy requirements. Strengths. As a kind of equipment commonly used in industrial production, we can't just throw it about it, but we should choose the right environment to store it. Regarding the selection of industrial chain storage place, China chain factory should be three away.

1. Keep away from the humid environment

The too humid storage environment will lead to the oxidation of the industrial conveyor chain sprocket. The primary manifestation is that the color delivery on the sprocket can be changed. If it is stored in an excessively humid environment for a long time, the industrial conveyor chain may still be There will be rusting, which has a certain impact on the quality of the product.

2. Keep away from high temperature environment

An important consideration for storing industrial conveyor chains is to stay away from high temperatures or excessive light. In this environment, the chain sprocket will exhibit thermal expansion and contraction. Over time, Will increase the volume of the chain, which will lead to changes in the size of the chain, which in turn affects the use of the product. In addition, the long-term high temperature environment will change the material characteristics of the chain, which has a great impact on the later use of the chain. There may be a tooth loss phenomenon.

3. Stay away from perishable environments

If the industrial conveyor chain storage environment is chemically corrosive, the damage to the industrial chain is fatal. Corrosion for a long time will cause problems in the use of the sprocket, and the physical and mental effects of the operator will also be affected. It is recommended that when purchasing an industrial conveyor chain, the product must first be inspected to avoid buying unqualified products.