China Chain Factory Helps You Easily Eliminate Rust Spots on Chain


In fact, there are many ways to remove chain rust spots […]

In fact, there are many ways to remove chain rust spots. Let China chain factory help you. For example, chemical methods are commonly used. Pickling cream or spray is used to help passivate the rusted parts to form chromium oxide film so as to restore its ability to resist invasion and compensation. After pickling, in order to remove all pollutants and acid residues, it is especially important to develop suitable flushing with clean water.

Also, when the chain is exposed to inert materials, adverse consequences will be caused, and the parts of the product will become thinner and thinner, resulting in accelerated wear. Rust on the chain will also affect the flexible rotation of the roller. After all the disposal, polish it again with polishing equipment and block it with polishing wax. For some parts with slight rust spots, the equivalent gasoline and engine oil mixed liquid can be used to wipe off the rust spots with a clean rag.

Thermal expansion and cold contraction are common in many stainless steel products, so chains cannot escape. Due to different manufacturing processes, the coefficient of thermal expansion of chains is also different. When different materials are welded together, there is the possibility of thermal fatigue. When the ambient temperature exceeds 400℃, the intermittent reduction caused by the expansion between the chainplate conveying machines should be fully considered.