China Chain Factory Prompts You on Rust Removal Methods


When the chain is used for a long time or the use metho […]

When the chain is used for a long time or the use method is not in place, it is likely to be rusted. If rust removal is not carried out in time, the service life of the chain will be affected. Many customers often use water washing to remove rust spots, which is actually wrong. The following two simple and useful rust removal methods are introduced by China chain factory.

1. Use spray goods pickling paste to erode the corresponding position of the chain. After pickling, in order to clean dirt and acid residues, clean water shall be used for appropriate flushing, then polishing shall be carried out again with polishing equipment, and finally the chain shall be blocked with polishing wax, or equivalent gasoline and engine oil shall be used for wiping.

2. Sand blasting, glass and ceramic particle shot blasting are called for cleaning. Mechanical cleaning is best carried out normally under monotonous conditions. Mechanical cleaning method can only clean the appearance and cannot tamper with the anti-erosion ability of the chain itself. Therefore, it is advocated to polish again with polishing equipment and block with polishing wax after mechanical cleaning.