China Chain Factory Teach You to Prevent Chain Looseness


Our chain will become loose or even disjointed under th […]

Our chain will become loose or even disjointed under the condition of long-term use and excessive wear. How can we prevent such problems? next, China chain factory will answer for you.

First of all, we should improve the tension of the chain in order to prevent the chain from abrasion and disconnection. In order to reduce its wear and tightness, we can choose chains with better quality, which can improve the machining accuracy of gears and the hardness of working faces.

Secondly, when installing the chain, it should be installed in parallel with the chain shaft and checked correctly, which can effectively reduce the wear of the chain. Otherwise, the deviation between the chain and the chain shaft will be reduced, further aggravating the wear of the chain. We can improve the tightness of the chain by changing the daughter screws from two to four, which will make the operation more light and improve the safety of chain operation.

How to prevent the chain from loosening?

Maintenance method of chain:

1. Do not place the chain in a damp place, which will easily cause rust and corrosion of the chain;

2. Do not expose the chain house to high temperature and direct sunlight, which will cause deformation of the chain;

3. Keep away from places with chemical corrosion.