Correct Installation of Heavy Roller Chain


The heavy roller chain is widely used in engineering eq […]

The heavy roller chain is widely used in engineering equipment, and there are certain requirements for the installation method when installing heavy roller chains. To correctly install the heavy roller chain, what is the correct installation method for the heavy roller chain?

1. The two shafts are parallel and the two wheels are coplanar.

2. The connection between sprocket and shaft is reliable.

3. Excessive tension is not allowed.

4. The heavy roller chain is reliably connected with the ring, and the open end of the clamp spring is opposite to the moving direction.

5. Heavy roller chain and chain cover should keep a certain gap.

6. New chain (chain wheel) shall not be installed and used together with severely worn or unqualified chain wheel (chain).

The use environment and bearing capacity of heavy roller chain are limited. For heavy roller chains, there are some important installation methods of heavy roller chains that affect their service life, so we must master the correct installation methods.