Discussion on Lubrication and Maintenance of Hollow Pin Chain


The hollow pin chain has been widely used in industry f […]

The hollow pin chain has been widely used in industry for a long time. Because of common contact with bicycle chains, many people do not know enough about hollow pin chain and think that chains are the same. They are careless about lubrication and maintenance. Like other key parts, hollow pin chain is very important for safe operation and continuous production of equipment. Lubrication and maintenance of hollow pin chain must also be taken seriously.

Wear failure and glueing failure of hollow pin chain are all related to lubrication. If timely and correct lubrication can be obtained, hollow pin chains can generally work well for a long time. Good lubrication can greatly prolong the second stage and postpone the third stage of hollow pin chain wear, thus prolonging the service life of the chain and obtaining obvious economic benefits. Even if the life of the hollow pin chain is acceptable, the lack of reasonable lubrication will cause other problems. If the lubrication is insufficient, the degree of wear between different nodes is different, resulting in an unstable chain movement. Inadequate lubrication will also increase friction and energy consumption, and produce harmful temperature rise.

In addition to chain oil, hollow pin chain can also use grease and ointment.