Driving Chain Manufacturer Teach You to Overcome Chain Slippage


When we use the chain, we may encounter the occurrence […]

When we use the chain, we may encounter the occurrence of chain slip, which is a common fault. We should find out the cause of the chain slip in time and operate according to specific reasons. The following Driving chain manufacturer teaches you how to overcome chain slippage.

1. One of the most important reasons for chain slipping is that the friction force between the chain and the conveyor belt is not enough. This phenomenon is mainly caused by water or humidity in the environment in which the chain is used. For this reason, we can take measures to add some rosin powder to the roller, but we should pay attention to not operating by hand in the process of adding rosin powder to avoid safety accidents.

2. The chain tension is too small, which is one of the reasons. It usually occurs at startup. The best solution is to adjust the chain tension device to increase the initial tension.

3. The speed of the conveyor in the conveying process is too fast, which will cause the conveying chain plate to slip. As long as we slow down the starting chain, we can effectively overcome the slip phenomenon.