Driving Chain Manufacturer Teaches You How to Accurately Measure Chain Length


When we buy or replace the drive chain, we must first k […]

When we buy or replace the drive chain, we must first know the length of the chain. This is to measure the replaced chain. How can we prepare to measure the length of the drive chain? The Driving chain manufacturer teaches you The measurement can be performed by the following method.

The drive chain length accuracy should be measured as follows:

1. Before the measurement, the chain is cleaned.

2. The chain to be tested is placed on the two sprocket wheels, and the upper and lower sides of the chain to be tested should be supported.

3. The chain before the measurement shall stay for 1 min under the condition of applying the minimum ultimate tensile load of three-thirds.

4. When measuring, apply the specified measuring load on the chain to tension the upper and lower chains. The chain should ensure normal toothing.

5. Measure the center distance between the two sprockets.

We all know that the length of the drive chain chain is very precise, otherwise there will be some faults during operation. For the length of the drive chain chain, you can measure it according to the above method, which is more accurate, or directly carry the old chain. It is also possible to directly compare the length when purchasing.