Effective Ways and Operating Methods to Prevent Passivation of Conveyor Chain


The conveyor chain will be used in conveyor machinery i […]

The conveyor chain will be used in conveyor machinery in major conveyor industries to help equipment complete normal operation. However, the conveyor chain has been passivated in the application process. Can you tell which factors are responsible for this phenomenon and what are the preventive measures?

Passivation of conveyor chain is related to factors such as chloride ion, medium condition and cleanliness of chain. In addition, martensite content and chromium and nickel content in the stainless steel conveyor chain will also have a greater impact on its passivation function. Generally speaking, if the nickel content in the chain is low, its passivation function is low; Moreover, the passivation film function of martensitic stainless steel conveyor chain is obviously inferior to that of austenitic stainless steel conveyor chain.

The existence of chloride ion will cause great harm to the conveyor chain, so the chloride ion content in the passivation solution should be strictly controlled during the passivation process, and the chemical materials used for passivation have limited requirements on chloride ion, such as water for preparing passivation solution and washing water, as well as strict water quality requirements on chloride ion, so as to ensure that the finished passivation product does not adhere to chloride ion.

In order to prevent passivation of the conveyor chain, the chain should be cleaned regularly to prevent harmful substances from adhering to its surface for a long time. Especially in the case of chloride ions, it is necessary to strengthen the guarantee of chain cleanliness to avoid damaging the passivation film.

If the conveyor chain is made of stainless steel alloy, the lower the surface roughness, the more difficult it is for foreign matters to adhere to, and the probability of corrosion in various parts can be greatly reduced. This proves that stainless steel alloy is selected as the manufacturing material of the conveyor chain as much as possible, and the surface smoothness is improved by finishing.