Features, Types and Uses of Conveyor Chain


There are many kinds of chains, the conveyor chain is d […]

There are many kinds of chains, the conveyor chain is different from other common chain forms, it has superior performance, so it is widely used in various special places. It is understood that the conveyor chain highlights its wear resistance and corrosion resistance, some of which have good self-lubricating performance and can have a long service life without maintenance, thus obtaining places with high stress, wear-resistance and not frequent maintenance, such as industrial automatic production lines, high-precision transmission machinery, etc.

There is a strict requirement in the production process of the conveyor chain, which is to prevent dust from entering and grease from flowing out of the hinge, so the chain must undergo strict pre-lubrication. Formally speaking, there are two types of conveyor chain: roller chain and sleeve chain. Most of the chains used in the engine are sleeve chain structures. The chains used outside the engine are transmission chains used to drive the rear wheels. Most of them use roller chains.

Judging from the current situation, there is no problem with the chemical properties of the conveyor chain. The key lies in its shockproof capability and noise. If the noise produced by the conveyor chain can be effectively reduced and the shockproof capability can be increased, it will play an important role in the transportation field.