How To Avoid Dust On The Combined Chain Surface


In the process of using the combine chains, the user's […]

In the process of using the combine chains, the user's response to it is very good, not only with excellent performance but also with relatively long service life. However, due to the special parts used, the chain is directly exposed to the outside air, which also affects the surface of the product. This kind of influence mainly comes from dust, so how can we minimize it?

When running the combined chain, its surface has no device that can be used to protect it, so once there is dust in the air, the combined chain will become very dirty. Moreover, due to the presence of lubricating oil on the surface of the product, the combined chain will gradually turn black.

In view of this situation, what needs to be done is to clean and lubricate the combined chain regularly, especially after the combined chain is soaked, wipe off the excess lubricating oil until the surface of the combined chain feels free of oil. This not only ensures the lubrication effect of the combined chain, but also prevents dust adhesion.