How to Better Preserve The Leaf Chain


The leaf chain is a kind of spare part that is often us […]

The leaf chain is a kind of spare part that is often used at ordinary times. When it is not needed, these items cannot be thrown at random in one place, otherwise, the quality of the leaf chain will be easily damaged.

When storing these products, care should be taken not to place them in places with the humid environment, high temperature, and chemical corrosive substances.

1. Prevent storage in excessively humid places

If the environment is too humid, the leaf chain will be oxidized and may change color on it. The rest is due to oxidation. If the leaf chain is kept in a humid place for a long time, it is likely to rust, which will definitely affect the quality of the product and further affect the sale.

2. Do not place the leaf chain in a place where the temperature is too high or the light is direct.

If placed in a place where the temperature is too high or is directly exposed to strong light, the leaf chain will expand with heat and contract with cold. After a long time, the volume of the product will increase, which does not meet the required standard requirements and will affect the use of the product. And if the product's physical characteristics will change after a long time in a high-temperature environment, it is likely to be damaged or teeth will fall off when in use.

3. The storage of the leaf chain should avoid chemical corrosion.

The results of storing the leaf chain in a place with chemical corrosive substances are very severe. Often in such an environment, the health of the body will be affected, and the leaf chain will be easily corroded and the use of the product will be affected. Therefore, many buyers will inspect the product when purchasing the leaf chain to prevent unqualified products.

Therefore, it is better to store the leaf chain in a sealed place or in a relatively dry environment. The dimensions and types of products should be classified so as to facilitate future search and delivery. The leaf chain should be inspected regularly. Some shock-absorbing operations can be used during packaging to reduce the damage of products due to turbulence during transportation. In general, there should be a perfect standard system for both production and storage.