How to Maintain Agricultural Chain in Daily Application


In order to meet the demanding requirements of the agri […]

In order to meet the demanding requirements of the agricultural industry, the agricultural chain provided for transmission or transportation has been carefully designed with better durability and strength. However, if the agricultural chain does not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, it will rust, and when the rust is serious, the chain will affect the normal use of the equipment.

In order to solve the corrosion of agricultural chains, we should first understand the causes of such phenomena. For example, it may be that the enterprise did not strictly follow the specifications and requirements of oil seal antirust packaging in the process of cleaning and rusting the chain plates, and the parts in the chain plate processing process and the finished chain plate products after assembly were antirusts treated. For example, the chainplate contacts corrosive liquid or gas, etc. Of course, some enterprises also have harsh environmental conditions, high harmful content in the air and small flow field, which make it difficult to effectively prevent rust. Coupled with the hot weather, production workers violated the antirust process and other phenomena. I hope that through our introduction, we can reduce the corrosion of agricultural chains and reduce our costs.

Therefore, more attention should be paid to the wear and tear maintenance treatment of agricultural chains in daily equipment maintenance. When carrying out the work of wear and tear maintenance treatment of equipment parts, it is only necessary to pay more attention and treatment to those with large wear and tear. We must carry out the correct operation according to the above instructions. Only in this way can the service life of agricultural chains be prolonged, thus saving our costs and improving our benefits.