How to Maintain Roller Chain by Lubrication


Roller chain is an important part of an industrial conv […]

Roller chain is an important part of an industrial conveying chain. Lubrication equals less friction equals less wear equals less depreciation, which greatly prolongs the service life. Effective lubrication methods are worth learning from.

1. Spray coating method. This method is widely popular, simple and easy to operate, waste engine oil can be seen everywhere, and it is desirable to wait for a moment. Most users often and consistently adopt it. Disadvantages: First, the oil has strong fluidity and has little effect on internal lubrication of roller chains, and the roller chains will be thrown out gradually after high-speed movement.

2. Butter heating method. Butter is used as the main material and engine oil (or molybdenum disulfide, paraffin, etc.) is used as the auxiliary material. After being contained in a metal container, it is heated together with the roller chain to allow the solid liquefied fluid to enter the friction surface of the winding transmission. This method has the advantages of thorough lubrication, strong adhesion of butter compared with engine oil, difficulty in throwing out and long maintenance period. The disadvantage is that after the butter is heated, if the temperature is not properly controlled, the chain will burn easily at high temperature, and the hot oil will touch clothes and skin, which is very unsafe.

3. Special chain oil. Special use has special benefits. Direct injection, simple and fast, not afraid of high-speed throwing, not afraid of complicated operation, not afraid of hot oil splashing hands, one purchase can be used for several years. The biggest drawback is that it is difficult to buy.

4. Graphite method. The method is similar to the second one. The greatest advantage of the graphite method is that it is not stained with ash for a long time and it is dry lubricated.