How to Prevent Tough Fracture of Agricultural Chain


Chain wear is the main failure form of an agricultural […]

Chain wear is the main failure form of an agricultural chain. In order to effectively prevent similar problems in the agricultural chain, firstly, during the installation stage of the equipment, impurities on the sprocket pair and the gear cover are removed, the sealing conditions of the lubrication system and the gear cover are improved, and external impurities are prevented from being mixed with lubricant.

If the agricultural chain adopts spray lubrication or circulation lubrication, the plot work of the relevant parts of the lubrication system should be done well to avoid impurities. If the oil pool lubrication is adopted, the oil pool and the parts with oil should be carefully cleaned to ensure the ideal lubrication effect.

The fracture surface of the ductile fracture of the agricultural chain is dull and fibrous, and plastic deformation can be seen with naked eyes. Sometimes due to overload or crack caused by the combined effect of overload and fatigue, the remaining uncracked materials may be broken in the crack direction due to shearing.

The cutting area of such broken teeth is usually spherical or circular bulges. The cutting area extends along the side of the end face close to the non-working tooth face. Overload fracture usually damages several teeth of the gear, while gear tooth fracture caused by fatigue crack usually breaks one gear tooth. Overload fracture of pinion gear tooth and smooth bulges after metal material is sheared belong to ductile fracture.