How To Realize The Performance Test Of Agricultural Chain


The agricultural chain is made by welding, so the perfo […]

The agricultural chain is made by welding, so the performance of the agricultural chain is largely affected by the welding performance. Therefore, the performance test of the agricultural chain to be carried out is mainly aimed at its welding performance. Let's take a look.

In making agricultural chain materials, steel is usually the main material, so the welding performance of steel is very critical. Steel with good welding performance can be welded by common welding methods and welding techniques. However, for steel with poor welding performance, specific welding methods and welding processes must be used to ensure the quality of welded parts.

However, there are many factors that affect the weldability of steel products, such as the chemical composition of steel and the thermal cycle during welding, because the welding process is a process of heating, heat preservation and cooling, and is actually a special heat treatment process. We have tested the welded agricultural chain and found that the structural characteristics, rigidity and steel grade characteristics of the agricultural chain can be used as the basis for testing to determine the quality of agricultural chain products.