How to Solve the Relaxation of Palm Oil Chain


How to solve the problem of palm oil chain slack, relat […]

How to solve the problem of palm oil chain slack, related technical personnel to this problem for us to make further explanation, if encounter this phenomenon, the best way is to use the method of adding idler wheel in the middle, using the weight of idler wheel itself to achieve the purpose of palm oil chain tight. Rust is inevitable in the use of stainless steel. Nickel, chromium and other alloy elements are added in the production process of palm oil chain. Once it comes into contact with acidic materials for a long time, corrosion will occur and corrosive dust or grease will adhere to its surface. It is a series of changes in palm oil chain that form a dense oxide film.

Lubricating palm oil chain with dripping oil is related to the running speed of the chain. When the speed is lower, about 5 ~ 20 drops of oil are dripped per minute, and when the speed is higher, more drops are dripped. Be careful not to deviate from the oil drops, and be careful not to drop the oil drops in the middle of the chain, because this cannot effectively lubricate the joint area of palm oil chains, and the lubricating oil should be dropped on the inner side and side plates of the pin shaft.

When the palm oil chain works, the chain works in an alternating tensile stress state due to the different pulling forces on the loose edge and the right edge. After a certain number of stress cycles, the chain elements will be damaged due to insufficient fatigue strength, and the chainplates will suffer from fatigue fracture or fatigue pitting on the surfaces of sleeves and rollers. Under the condition of good lubrication, fatigue strength is the main factor that determines the chain transmission capacity.