How to Store and Maintain Hollow Pin Chains Better


The hollow pin chain is a kind of component that is oft […]

The hollow pin chain is a kind of component that is often used in production and life. When not in use, these items cannot be left in one place casually, otherwise, the quality of the hollow pin chain will be easily damaged. The first thing to do when storing these products is not to put them in places where the environment is humid, the temperature is high, and there are chemical corrosive substances.

1. Avoid storing in a place that is too humid. The environment is too humid, which will lead to oxidation of the hollow pin chain and may change color on the hollow pin chain. The other reason is oxidation. If the hollow pin chain is stored in a humid place for a long time, the hollow pin chain is likely to rust, which will definitely affect the quality of the product and further affect the sales.

2. Don't let the hollow pin chain be placed in a place where the temperature is too high or the strong light is direct. If it is placed in a place where the temperature is too high or is directly irradiated by the strong light, the hollow pin chain will expand with heat and contract with cold. After a long time, the volume of the product will increase, which does not meet the required size requirements and will affect the application of the product. Moreover, if the product's physical characteristics will change after a long time in a high-temperature environment, it is likely to be damaged or teeth will fall off during use.

3. The storage of hollow pin chains is based on the principle of chemical corrosive substances. The consequences are very serious where there are chemical corrosive substances in the hollow pin chains. Under such circumstances, the health of the body is often affected, and the hollow pin chains are also easy to be corroded, thus the application of the products will be affected. Therefore, many buyers will inspect the products when purchasing hollow pin chains to avoid buying unqualified products.

Therefore, it is better to store the hollow pin chain in a sealed place or in a relatively dry environment. The size and model of the product should be classified to facilitate future search and delivery. Furthermore, the hollow pin chain should be inspected regularly. During packaging, some shock-absorbing operations can be used to reduce the damage of the product due to turbulence during transportation.