Inspection and Maintenance System of Roller Chain


In order to make the performance of Roller chain more s […]

In order to make the performance of Roller chain more stable and its service life longer, it is necessary to check and maintain the sprocket of the roller chain frequently. If the selection of shafts, bearings and bearings, chains and sprockets, lubrication forms and system installation are correct, then a maintenance system should be established to ensure the normal use of roller chains. What should be included in the maintenance system for roller chains?

1. The transmission mechanism has correct lubrication;

2. No interference in the transmission system;

3. Damaged chains and sprockets shall be replaced in time;

4. Chains and sprockets with serious wear should be replaced;

5. The sprocket should be aligned;

6. The chain should be properly tensioned;

7. The protective device is in good condition and installed correctly;

8. The roller chain transmission device shall be inspected 50 hours after the first installation and use. After that, the chain transmission that bears severe impact load or works in bad conditions shall be inspected every 200 hours. For most of the transmission that works in normal conditions, the inspection can be conducted every 500 hours. The inspection time shall be determined according to the use of roller chain and corresponding countermeasures shall be made.