Introduce The Maintenance of Heavy Roller Chain for You


Structure of heavy roller chain: Heavy roller chain con […]

Structure of heavy roller chain:

Heavy roller chain consists of an inner chain plate, outer chain plate, pin shaft, sleeve, and roller.

The inner link plate and the sleeve, the outer link plate and the pin shaft are in an interference fit, and the sleeve and the pin shaft are in clearance fit to form a dynamic connection. During operation, the internodes of the inner chain and the outer chain can flex relatively, and the sleeve can freely rotate around the pin shaft. In order to reduce the wear between pin shaft and sleeve, lubrication should be carried out between them.

Maintenance of heavy roller chain:

1. The chain wheel of each heavy roller chain to be driven shall maintain good coplanarity and the chain passage shall be kept unobstructed;

2. Loose edge sag of heavy roller chain shall be kept appropriate. For horizontal and inclined transmission with adjustable center distance, the chain sag should be kept at about 1%~2% of the center distance. For vertical transmission or vibration load, reverse transmission, and dynamic braking, the chain sag should be smaller.

3. Always maintain good lubrication, which is an important item in maintenance work;

4. The chain wheel of the heavy roller chain should be kept in good working condition;

5. Regularly check the working surface of sprocket teeth of heavy roller chain, and adjust or replace the sprocket in time if it is found to be worn too fast.