Lubricating Materials Used in Transmission of Agricultural Chain


After a long period of use, friction will occur in the […]

After a long period of use, friction will occur in the agricultural chain. For technical reasons, friction lubrication is one of the main methods. There are many lubricating materials on the market, but not all of them are suitable for agricultural chains.

Lubricating oil, lubricating grease and solid lubricant are all common lubricating materials. Although they are more characteristic, the lubricating effect obtained is better. For the lubricating materials used in the transmission of the agricultural chain, the selection must be considered in combination with lubrication form, ambient temperature, specifications of agricultural chain and other aspects, which also shows that not all lubricating materials can be used in agricultural chain.

Under normal circumstances, more high-quality mineral oil with stable chemical properties is used, and the one with pure composition, difficult oxidation and no impurities is preferred. As for various used oils or lipids, they should be rejected because they may contain tiny particles and corrosive components that will adversely affect the agricultural chain.