Method For Judging Type And Specification Of Conveyor Chain


The development of the structure has different requirem […]

The development of the structure has different requirements on the conveyor chain, the transmission chain and the traction chain. The conveyor chain needs to meet the following functions: carrying conveying articles, meshing with the driving sprocket, running on the supporting track and less chain wear and elongation.

In addition to pure materials, all industrial enterprises are also required to have a rhythmic transportation route associated with the window during the production process. Therefore, metal mesh is widely used in modern industrial enterprises and is an automatic device and a necessary accessory in modern automatic assembly production lines. The conveyor chain has low speed and high driving torque and power. Therefore, the driving device usually consists of mountain gear transmission. Conveyor drive shaft Conveyor operation and transportation object realization driver. Drive shaft bearing double row self-aligning ball bearing is usually used (angle drive suspension conveyor).

The development of conveyor chains and chain conveyors are complementary. It is very necessary for the workers engaged in the design and application of chain conveyors to understand the development of chain used in conveyors in combination with chain conveyors.