Performance Differences of Precision Roller Chain Made of Different Materials


Precision Roller chain of different materials are widel […]

Precision Roller chain of different materials are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, printing, silk suppression and other machinery, and are matched with various import and export machinery. They are excellent equipment for modern equipment.

The cone disk has a movable cone disk and a fixed cone disk. The transmission ratio can be changed by axially moving the movable cone disk. The transmission ratio can be continuously changed within a fixed range to achieve the purpose of step-less speed change. Meshing transmission gives full play to the advantages of chain transmission over other transmissions. With its advantages of the accurate transmission ratio, large force transmission, good flexibility and strong adaptability, it is widely used in industrial, agricultural and national production departments. In particular, chains have been widely used in engines such as automobiles and motorcycles to transmit power between crankshafts and oil pumps, crankshafts and balance shafts, and camshafts.

Roller chain is developing towards high value-added products such as small specifications, large specifications and multi-specifications. With the continuous development of chain transmission technology and the improvement of chain manufacturing technology, short-pitch precision roller chain and sleeve chains for common transmission have been derived such as stainless steel chains, high-strength chains, high wear-resistant chains, corrosion-resistant chains, self-lubricating chains and low-noise chains. Products are also more widely used, such as heavy-duty series chains, split pin chains that are easy to disassemble and assemble, corrosion-resistant chains such as galvanized chains, nickel-plated chains, dacromet chains, anti-bending chains, side-bending chains, O-ring chains under special working conditions, and bicycle chains with a wide range of applications. Chains used in precision instruments such as aviation, automobiles and electronics require high precision, long service life and beautiful appearance, belonging to high value-added products. In the chain industry, the manufacture and technology of such products are also the most advanced, so the upgrade and update speed is also the fastest.