Please Do Not Neglect The Lubrication of Hollow Pin Chain


In the process of using a hollow pin chain, in order to […]

In the process of using a hollow pin chain, in order to make the hollow pin chain work better, we need to lubricate the chains regularly. At present, there are four lubrication methods commonly used for hollow pin chains, namely dripping oil lubrication, oil injection lubrication, oil bath or oil pan lubrication and brush lubrication. Here are the characteristics of these four methods.

Method 1: Dripping oil for lubrication

Use the drip cup to drop oil between the two hinged plates. The amount and period of oil filling shall be sufficient to prevent the lubricating oil at the hinged part of the chainring from discoloring. The single-row chain drops about 5 ~ 20 drops of oil per minute and drops more when the speed is high. It is necessary to prevent the oil droplets from deviating due to the wind. If the oil droplets are in the center of the chain, they cannot effectively drop the combined area. Lubricating oil must be guided to the inside of the pin shaft and the surface of the roller side plate.

Method 2: Oil injection lubrication

Oil injection lubrication is to supply a continuous flow of oil to each transmission chain. Oil should be applied to the inner side of the chainring, just aligned with the link plate ring joint, and evenly guided along the chain width on the slack side of the chain. Lubrication and non-toxicity.

Method 3: Oil bath or oil pan lubrication

When lubricating with an oil bath, pass the lower chain through the oil pool in the gearbox. The oil level shall reach the pitch circle line at the lowest position of the chain. When lubricating with oil pan, the chain works above the oil level. The oil carried by the oil pan from the oil sump is often guided by an oil sump, causing the oil to settle onto the chain. The diameter of the oil pan should be sufficient to produce a rotation speed of 3.3 ~ 4.5m/s. When the chain is 25mm wide, the oil pan should be installed on both sides of the sprocket.

Method 4: Brush Lubrication

Use a brush or oil jug to periodically add oil to the ring joint of the inner and outer link plates at the loose edge of the chain, preferably once every 8 hours. The filling quantity and period shall be sufficient to prevent the lubricating oil at the link joint from discoloring. Standard pig brushes are used in the low-speed range (φ < 1m/s), while nylon brushes are used in the high-speed range (φ > 5m/s), and both can be used in the medium speed range (φ = 1 ~ 5m/s). However, when the speed is extremely high (υ>10m/s), it is required to force oil delivery for lubrication so as to dissipate heat and reduce temperature, and its general temperature should not exceed 70℃.

During normal use, we cannot ignore the lubrication of the hollow pin chain, which has a great relationship with the normal operation of the hollow pin chain.