Precautions for Installation of Conveyor Chain


The conveyor chain is composed of a series of bearings, […]

The conveyor chain is composed of a series of bearings, which are fixed by chainplates with constraint function, and the positional relationship between them is very accurate. Each bearing includes a pin shaft and a sleeve on which the rollers of the chain rotate. Both the pin shaft and the sleeve are surface hardened, thus allowing them to be hinged together under high pressure, and can withstand the load pressure transmitted by the roller and the impact when engaged.

Precautions for installation of conveyor chain:

1. Before installing the conveyor chain, read the equipment instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer.

2. When installing the conveyor chain, the periphery of the product is more than 1.2 meters away from the wall so as to facilitate installation, operation, and future maintenance.

3. The conveyor chain group must be cleaned regularly.

4. The conveyor chain group shall regularly check the water passage of the water condenser. When shutdown in winter, the accumulated water in the water condenser should be drained to avoid frost crack accidents of the equipment.

5. Please install grounding protection for the shell of the conveyor chain to ensure the safety of electricity usage.