Precautions for Storage of Roller Chain


1. Stay away from the humid environment Too humid stora […]

1. Stay away from the humid environment

Too humid storage environment will lead to oxidation of Roller chain. If stored in a too humid environment for a long time, roller chain may rust, which will have certain influence on product quality.

2. Keep away from the high-temperature environment

Another important thing to pay attention to when storing roller chains is to stay away from the environment where the temperature is too high or the light is too strong. In this environment, roller chains will expand with heat and contract with cold. As time goes by, the volume of the chain will increase, which will lead to changes in chain size and further affect the use of products. In addition, the long-term high-temperature environment will change the material characteristics of the chain, which will also have a great impact on the later use of the chain and may cause tooth drop.

3. Stay away from the perishable environment

If there is chemical corrosiveness in the storage environment of roller chains, it is fatal to the hazards of roller chains. If the roller chains are corroded for a long time, problems will occur in the application of the chains and will also affect the physical and mental health of operators.