Reasons Why Leaf Chain on The Market Are Ways to Rust


The leaf chain is a common transmission tool in many of […]

The leaf chain is a common transmission tool in many of our mechanical structures. Improper use of the leaf chain will directly lead to the failure of the machine to work properly. So as to bring some unnecessary losses to the enterprise. That is, the leaf chain also needs our careful protection and maintenance.

However, even if we often maintain the leaf chain during use, it will still rust.

1. In the process of producing leaf chain, the enterprise did not strictly follow the requirements of cleaning and antirust procedures and oil seal antirust packaging to carry out antirust treatment on leaf chain parts in the process of processing and leaf chain finished products after assembly. For example, the blade chain is in contact with corrosive liquid or gas.

2. The quality of antirust lubricating oil, cleaning kerosene and other products used in the production of the enterprise cannot meet the requirements of the technological regulations.

3. As the price of leaf chain steel drops, again and again, the material of leaf chain steel gradually declines. For example, the content of nonmetallic impurities in steel is relatively high (the increase of sulfur content in steel reduces the corrosion resistance of the material itself), and the metallurgical structure deviation, etc. The leaf chain steel used by the current production enterprises comes from a variety of sources, and the quality of the steel is even better.

4. Some enterprises have poor environmental conditions, high content of harmful substances in the air, and too small turnover space for effective antirust treatment. Coupled with the hot weather, production workers in violation of anti-rust regulations and other phenomena also exist.

The above reasons, in fact, mostly lie in people's improper operation. The understanding of product performance is not enough, and people with correct professional knowledge are needed to maintain it correctly. Casual maintenance will not only fail to protect the leaf chain but will also reduce the service life of the leaf chain.

If it is often necessary to replace the leaf chain, it is also a big expense for the factory. Therefore, choosing an enterprise with good product quality and after-sales service is king.