Related Causes of Noise from Roller Chain


No matter what product is used, blind use will inevitab […]

No matter what product is used, blind use will inevitably lead to the occurrence of some problems, and then affect the normal operation process, for example, the noise of the Roller chain is often presented in this way. When the noise of the roller chain is beyond the normal range, it is necessary to find out the source of the problem and deal with it.

According to the problem of excessive noise in roller chain operation, after a comprehensive analysis, it can be seen that the non-coplanar sprocket is one of the main reasons for the above situation, that is to say, the rotating shaft and sprocket are not in the same horizontal plane. The sprocket works with the chain, and the result is that the roller chain has too much noise.

Secondly, the wear of chains and sprockets will also cause noise attacks in the use of chains, which cannot be prevented in the use. There is also the quality problem of the roller chain itself. Too large chain tightness, lack of smooth chain and too large chain pitch dimension will affect the use of chain.

Therefore, in order to control the noise of the roller chain within the normal range, it is necessary to check the parallelism between the front and rear axes and the coplanar condition of the sprocket before use. In addition, attention should be paid to strengthening the smoothness and maintenance of the roller chain in daily use to reduce wear and tear.

In addition to noise, when the roller chain is used as a transmission component, its speed should be well controlled. In general, the selection condition for the chain to work at low speed should be based on the speed lower than 50m/min, and fatigue resistance is more important than wear resistance at this moment.

The touch on roller chain and sprocket is a multi-angle type of touch, and this will lead to changes in speed. In addition, the more sprocket teeth, the smaller the speed change, and vice versa.