Requirements for Lubrication of Palm Oil Chain


Each hinge of palm oil chain is a radial bearing, so it […]

Each hinge of palm oil chain is a radial bearing, so it must be adequately lubricated to obtain the maximum wear life. Adequate lubrication can not only reduce the wear of pin shaft and sleeve sound, but also make chain wheel and palm oil chain lie down smoothly, slow down the impact of chain and chain wheel, dissipate heat, take away abrasive dust and foreign matters, and prevent corrosion.

Before the chain is engaged with the sprocket, lubricating oil should be applied to the upper part of the chain plate at the hanging section of the chain. Gravity and centrifugal force will make lubricating oil flow to the surface of the pin shaft and sleeve to be lubricated. Lubricant carried by the edge of the link plate will also provide lubrication to the pin shaft and sleeve surface.

Lubricants for palm oil chain shall have the following characteristics:

1. Low enough viscosity to allow lubricating oil to penetrate into the surface to be lubricated.

2. Maintain sufficient viscosity of lubricating oil film or add appropriate additives under normal bearing pressure.

3. Clean and free of corrosive substances.

4. Under normal working conditions, it has the ability to maintain lubrication quality. In general, high-quality lubricating oil extracted from petroleum without detergent can meet these requirements. Generally, detergent is not required, but it is better to contain additives that prevent foaming, rust and increase the strength of oil film.