Research on the Structure of Pipeline Equipment by China Chain Supplier


The assembly line equipment of the double-speed chain s […]

The assembly line equipment of the double-speed chain series has strong applicability to different industries and products. Due to its own characteristics of non-standard equipment, the design and assembly flexibility is also very strong. This is especially reflected in the structural design of double-speed chain equipment. Today, China chain supplier will give you a brief introduction to the structural design of double-speed chain products.

The double-speed chain equipment drives the tooling plate to move on the guide rail by installing the chain wheel on the guide rail to realize transportation. Sprockets are generally transported by ordinary sleeve rollers or special transport chains. The choice of the chain has great flexibility and can be selected according to the characteristics of the industry and processed products.

Double speed chain is a kind of equipment with very long conveying capacity span in conveying assembly line equipment. With the change of conveying capacity, the equipment structure will also have obvious differences. However, for most enterprises, the double-speed chain conveyor line with general structure can meet their production requirements. However, for individual heavy product processing enterprises, special design is required.

In addition, the supporting facilities of the double-speed chain equipment also vary according to the processed products. These differences can be classified as structural changes of the equipment because the complete production system is not only limited to the equipment itself but also includes other supporting production facilities. The factors that affect the structure of double-speed chain assembly line equipment are not only the product weight but also the workshop environment and process steps. Only by fully considering these factors can the perfect operation of the equipment in production be guaranteed.