Skills to be Mastered in Use of Conveyor Chain


In the process of industrial production, conveyor chain […]

In the process of industrial production, conveyor chain products are basically quite common, because as an important symbol of automated production, its role is irreplaceable. However, due to the transport chain itself and human use, it often breaks down from time to time.

In many situations, the problem of tight and loose transmission occurs frequently in the transmission chain, which is generally caused by the abrasion of gears. Therefore, targeted measures should be taken to deal with it. Due to the deviation of the pitch of the conveyor chain and the small-batch processing, it is difficult to ensure the actual effect, including the diameter, roundness and other indicators.

Once the pitch of the conveyor chain deviates, it can be improved by replacing the conveyor chain, and it is important to change several more to achieve the effect. Of course, as a standard part, the probability of this happening is extremely small, but it has to be prevented.

Generally speaking, it is inevitable that the pitch error of the conveyor chain will occur. All we can do is to reduce the error as much as possible so that it will not affect the work. The conveyor chain can maintain a good working condition in the actual processing and production process and successfully complete the transmission task. This is the ultimate goal.

Of course, users must also strengthen the maintenance of the conveyor chain when using it at ordinary times, do not let it bear the excessive load when driving, and control the driving speed reasonably to reduce the occurrence of faults as much as possible.