Steps to Identify Leaf Chain Quality


1. Distinguish the quality of leaf chain from its appea […]

1. Distinguish the quality of leaf chain from its appearance

The first is to see if the blade of the leaf chain is deformed, and there are cracks, rust, and other problems. In addition, there are whether the pins, rollers and joint number parts are normal, whether there is loose deformation, wear and tear, and whether the leaf chain will not make other sounds or abnormal vibration when in use, and to ensure that the leaf chain has good smoothness.

2. Accurately measure the length of the leaf chain

Before measurement, the leaf chain to be measured should be cleared and cleaned first, and then the leaf chain to be measured should be wrapped around the two sprockets so that it can have better support. During the measurement, a certain load should be borne on the leaf chain. The leaf chain can have good tension. When the leaf chain is used in the sprocket, it should ensure good tooth cooperation and measure the center distance between the two sprockets.

3. Measure the elongation of the leaf chain

In order to solve the clearance on the leaf chain, it is necessary to apply a certain pulling tension to the chain to stop the measurement. In order to ensure that the error of measurement results is less, the measurement should be stopped at an appropriate position according to the actual situation, and then the elongation length should be extreme.