The Causes of Palm Oil Chain Fracture


There are many reasons for palm oil chain fracture, whi […]

There are many reasons for palm oil chain fracture, which may be that the sprocket and sprocket box do not meet the design requirements; It is also possible that palm oil chain may have quality problems. Or the tensile load of the chain exceeds the predicted range; It may even be the chain transmission speed, chain type selection, design problems of chain transmission, etc.

All of the above factors will cause the hot palm oil chain to break during use. Among them, the main influencing factors are chain quality and actual installation design. Therefore, chain manufacturers should pay attention to quality and accuracy when producing palm oil chains.

Accuracy is an important technical parameter and index to measure the quality of palm oil chain products. The accuracy is not allowed to affect the normal use or even scrap of the chain, so extra attention should be paid to the accuracy. The measurement of palm oil chain accuracy includes chain length relative deviation, pitch relative deviation and twist.

The relative deviation of palm oil chain length refers to the ratio of the measured length of the chain segment to the difference between the basic length and the basic length. The pitch deviation is calculated for comparison between pitches. The twisting amount represents the twisting angle between the link sides at both ends of the chain segment and the central plane under the condition that a certain measuring force is applied along the longitudinal direction and one end has no twisting constraint.

The accuracy of palm oil chain is not only a measure of the product itself but also a guarantee basis for the stability of the whole transmission process. If the quality and accuracy do not meet the standards, the palm oil chain will break during use.