The Corrosion of Palm Oil Chain Is Related to Many Factors


When the equipment is used for a long time, each compon […]

When the equipment is used for a long time, each component will tend to age or gradually fail, as will palm oil chain. The common phenomenon is chain corrosion. Apart from time, what other reasons can lead to similar problems?

1. Palm oil chain rusts due to lack of antirust treatment.

In the production process of palm oil chain, operators did not carry out the anti-rust treatment in strict accordance with the production requirements and did not adopt anti-rust packaging. Once it comes into contact with corrosive liquid and gas, corrosion will occur.

2. The palm oil chain rust is caused by the substandard quality of antirust oil.

Even though products such as antirust lubricating oil and clean fire oil have been applied to palm oil chain, if the quality of the products does not meet the technical requirements, it will be in vain and will also cause the corrosion of palm oil chain.

3. Corrosion of palm oil chain is related to chain materials.

In order to reduce the production cost of palm oil chain, some manufacturers choose unqualified materials, such as high content of nonmetallic impurities in the steel, which will reduce the anti-corrosion ability of the formed chain itself and lead to similar defects.

4. Palm oil chain corrosion is related to the operating environment.

When palm oil chain works in poor conditions for a long time, they will think that the content of harmful substances is too high, or the space is too small to carry out antirust treatment, thus causing adverse effects on the chains.