The Driving Chain Manufacturer Explains The Problem of Chain Tightness for You


No matter what type of chain it is, the tightness after […]

No matter what type of chain it is, the tightness after installation is strict, too loose or too tight is not conducive to the normal use of the chain. However, it is impossible for the chain to maintain a proper tightness all the time during actual use. Once the chain drive is found to be loose, it is necessary to find out the cause and make adjustments in time to restore it to a good condition as soon as possible. The following Driving chain manufacturer will explain the problem of chain tightness for you.

Because chain and sprocket are two matching products, they affect each other, so the chain drive tightness may also be due to sprocket. One of the possible reasons is that there is an error in the tooth pitch of the sprocket. Although the processing is already very strict and the sprocket quality has undergone a series of tests, in the case of small-scale production, most of the sprocket will be cut or milled into teeth by a milling cutter, so the roundness obtained cannot be guaranteed.

Many people don't understand why the teeth can't mesh when there is an error in the pitch of the gears. Here, let's explain. If the individual teeth cannot be aligned, the later the error will be greater, eventually even causing the link to face the tooth top, which is the root cause of periodic chain drop.

However, if the error is not so large, the periodic tightness change of the chain will not be large, its normal operation will not be much disturbed, and the whole transmission system can basically maintain a stable working state.