The Driving Chain Manufacturer Teaches You What to Know About The Storage Chain


In industrial transmission, the chain is our common equ […]

In industrial transmission, the chain is our common equipment. It is a kind of flexible component composed of adjacent identical or opposite identical parts. It has the advantages of multi-tooth bearing, safety and reliability, large centre distance range, low manufacturing and installation precision requirements, etc. As a common kind of equipment in industrial production, we can't throw it away casually, but we should choose a suitable environment to store it, and there are strict requirements for the selection of chain storage location. The following Driving chain manufacturer will tell you some precautions.

Too humid storage environment will lead to oxidation of the chain, which is mainly reflected in the colour delivery on the chain wheel. If the chain is stored in a too humid environment for a long time, the chain may rust, which will have certain influence on the quality of the product.

Another important note of the storage chain is to stay away from the environment where the temperature is too high or the light is too strong. In this environment, the chain will expand with heat and contract with cold. Over time, the volume of the chain will increase, which will lead to changes in the chain size, thus affecting the use of products. In addition, the long-term high-temperature environment will change the material characteristics of the chain, which will also have a great impact on the later use of the chain and may cause tooth drop.

If the chain storage environment has chemical corrosiveness, it is fatal to the harm of industrial chains. Long-term corrosion will lead to problems in sprocket application and will also affect the physical and mental health of operators. Therefore, it is suggested that when purchasing chains, everyone should first inspect the products to avoid buying unqualified products.