The Lengthening of The Combine Chains Due to Wear Is A Gradual Process


The combine chains are widely used in various industrie […]

The combine chains are widely used in various industries, but many people do not know enough about it, so they never pay attention to its lubrication and maintenance work, which will lead to the wear of combine chains.

Wear of the combine chains mainly occurs between the pin shaft and the sleeve. Wear will make the gap larger and the chain longer until the chain cannot mesh with the sprocket accurately or maintain correct spacing and timing. In addition, sometimes the wear between the roller and the sleeve or the wear between the link plate and the guide plate will also lead to the failure of the combine chains.

The lengthening of the combine chains due to wear is a gradual process, which roughly includes three stages: the first stage is the initial running-in. The protruding points on the pin shaft and sleeve are ground away, and small eccentricity is also ground down. The second stage is stable and slow lubrication and wear. At this stage, the pin shaft is properly placed in the sleeve and the bearing area is properly and adequately lubricated. The third stage is relatively fast end-stage wear. At this stage, lubrication may be ineffective or ineffective, the hardened layer on the surface of the pin shaft and sleeve is worn off, the chain becomes longer, and so on, finally a load of individual nodes increases sharply.