The Little Secret of Longevity About Combine Chains


Failure caused by wear of the combine chains is the mos […]

Failure caused by wear of the combine chains is the most common and obvious form of expression. There are many reasons for this failure. The main reasons are poor material quality of the combine chains and improper operation of workers. The most easily worn parts of the combine chains are sprocket and pin shaft. The wear of these two parts is mainly due to insufficient local lubrication, so in order to avoid this phenomenon, operators should pay attention to check the lubrication effect frequently, add lubricating oil in time, check whether there is abrasive in the lubricating oil or change the lubrication method. After the sprocket is slightly worn, the sprocket can be reversely installed so that the lightly worn side faces the combine chains. In addition, if the use environment is harsh or the lubrication seal is not good, the hinge will be worn. Once the combine chains hinge is worn, the chain-link will become longer, which will easily cause tooth jump or chain release during operation, reduce the service life of the chain and accelerate the failure of the chain.

For many people engaged in industrial production, combine chains products are common occurrences. As an important symbol of automated production, its role is irreplaceable. However, it is helpless that the product often breaks down from time to time.

Here, we might as well introduce some tips for use, which can solve many problems for us. In many situations, the most frequent problem is that the chain is tight and loose when driving, which is generally caused by the abrasion of gears. How should we deal with this situation?

First, it is difficult to ensure the actual effect, including diameter and roundness, due to the deviation of tooth pitch and small batch processing.

Second, once the pitch of the combine chains deviates, it can be improved by changing the combine chains. It is important to change several more to achieve the best effect. As a standard part, the probability of this happening is extremely small.

Generally speaking, errors are inevitable. What we can do is to reduce the errors as much as possible so that they do not affect our work. This is the ultimate goal.