The Manufacturing Technology of China Chain Supplier Is Worth Collecting


China chain supplier' manufacturing process display is […]

China chain supplier' manufacturing process display is worth collecting. The basic requirements for chain material performance are generally high strength and good wear resistance, and conveyor chains are no exception. However, compared with the transmission chain, the transmission chain has a slow speed and a large bearing capacity, and the total length of the chain used is long and the number of chain links is large, so the quality of the chain is large. Especially for roller conveyor chains, the problem of large mass is more prominent because the mass of rollers accounts for a large proportion in the chain. A chain with too large a mass will greatly increase the tension the chain bears, thus increasing the consumption of ineffective power. Therefore, reducing the quality of the conveyor chain itself is an important topic in the design of the conveyor chain.

In order to link the chain into a closed-loop, the two ends of the chain are connected by connecting links, which usually have three forms. When the total chain links that make up the chain are even numbers, split pins or spring clips can be used to fix the movable pin shaft on the joint. When the total number of links is odd, transition links can be used for the connection. After the chain is stressed, the chainplate of the transition link is subjected to additional bending moment in addition to tension, and its strength is lower than that of the common link. Therefore, in general, it is better not to use odd chain links.

In recent years, great progress has been made in using engineering plastics to make chains. The use of engineering plastics as part of the conveyor chain can only reduce its own weight and has the advantages of reducing friction, noise and no need of grease lubrication. At present, the strength of engineering plastics is still relatively low, so it can only be used to make chains of small conveyors and rollers on accessories of light conveyor chains. The sleeve and roller of chain made of oil-containing powder metallurgy material can also have antifriction and no lubrication effects and the weight of powder metallurgy material is lighter than that of steel, so it has also been greatly developed. Of course, chains with good performance under high temperature and corrosion conditions are also guaranteed by using materials with special performance.