The Role of China Chain Supplier in Different Types of Chains


Chains are usually metal rings or rings and are mostly […]

Chains are usually metal rings or rings and are mostly used for mechanical movement.

Chains are divided into four types according to different purposes and functions: transmission chain, conveying chain, traction chain, and special chain. The following China chain supplier will introduce different types of chains.

1. The transmission chain is mainly used for transmitting power. It is divided into the extensible chain, roller chain, and chain tooth chain.

1) Extensibility chain: heavy load chain, which is used for coal dragging mechanism and elevator conveyor belt. Connect links with steel pins.

2) Roller chains: At present, roller chains are widely used in various mechanical equipment. The main structure of roller chains is composed of chain plates, chain pins, sleeves, rollers, etc.

3) Toothed chain: also known as a silent chain, is composed of many flat separation blocks. Each separation block can be connected by pins to form infinitely many flexible racks with various widths.

2. Conveying chain: a chain used to transmit power. For example long pitch conveyor chain, short pitch roller conveyor chain, double speed conveyor chain, double pitch roller conveyor chain, etc.

3. Traction chain: mainly used for traction and hoisting. For example fishing chain, binding chain, etc.