The Standard For Scrapping Hollow Pin Chain


The hollow pin chain is an indispensable accessory in t […]

The hollow pin chain is an indispensable accessory in the process of equipment use, but we should also know the scrap standard when using it, so as not to know even if the service life has passed. How can we judge whether the hollow pin chain should be scrapped?

After the hollow pin chain has been used for a long time, it is necessary to observe the change of its shape at all times. Once the appearance of the hollow pin chain is seriously deformed and the structure has been damaged, obvious phenomena such as curling and stacking will occur, and the product will be scrapped.

In addition, there are some special circumstances used hollow pin chain also need to be scrapped, such as contact with acid, flammable and toxic hollow pin chain; Hollow pin chain corroded by chemical medium. In order to ensure the safety of the hollow pin chain during its use, there are strict rules for its scrapping. For example, hollow pin chains with broken links, deformation, diameter reduction of 10% and stretching of more than 3% can be scrapped.