The Tightness Of The Conveyor Chain Should Be Properly Controlled


No matter what kind of chain is used, it should not be […]

No matter what kind of chain is used, it should not be pulled too tightly when it is used, otherwise, it is easy to cause adverse effects on the whole machine. But why?

The tightness of the chain in use is required and should be controlled at an appropriate level. Take the conveyor chain as an example. Once it is pulled too tightly, it will form a larger coercive restraining moment between the auxiliary shaft and the rear wheel buffer. However, due to the action of torque, one side of the bearing will be subjected to a relatively large force, so it is easy to be damaged due to heating.

If the situation is not so bad, it will also cause the clearance of the bearing to increase in a short period of time, and the consequence is that the countershaft will also be affected and damaged. This kind of harm will even spread to the engine, eventually causing the entire conveyor operation to be forced to stop. Therefore, the tightness of the chain should be properly controlled so as not to affect other components.