Timely Handle The Combine Chains Contacted With Corrosive Substances


When we use the combine chains to transport articles, i […]

When we use the combine chains to transport articles, it is inevitable that sometimes corrosive substances will be transported. If we do not handle them properly, the service life of the combine chains will be greatly reduced. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone to pay more attention to the use of combine chains.

When transporting corrosive substances, the combine chains will inevitably contact with corrosive substances, and rust-like spots and rust on parts will easily affect the flexibility of chain hinges and rollers in reverse rotation. Stress corrosion and grain corrosion will also occur. The selection of raw materials for chain parts must be paid attention to for the combine chains to be used in the case that the transported materials contain corrosive substances.

After transporting corrosive substances using the combine chains, pay attention to cleaning in time, because if the combine chains and corrosive substances adhering to its surface are not cleaned in time, more severe oxidation reaction and a series of chemical reactions with corrosivity will occur if exposed to air.

At the same time, when cleaning, use warm water with a temperature of about 35 degrees for cleaning, and avoid using any detergent and disinfectant containing chemical substances during cleaning. Because disinfectant contains chemicals that can react with the combine chains, it will affect the service life of the chain.