What Are The Causes of Roller Chain Rusting


One of the most neglected but very important components […]

One of the most neglected but very important components on cranes is Roller chain. After the equipment is used for a long time, various components will age or gradually fail, and so will roller chains. The common phenomenon is chain corrosion. Apart from time, what other reasons can cause similar problems?

1. Due to lack of antirust treatment

In the production process of roller chains, the operators did not carry out antirust treatment strictly according to the production requirements. At the same time, they did not use antirust packaging. Once they come into contact with the gas behind the corrosive liquid, they will rust.

2. Quality of antirust oil

Even if products such as rust lubricant and clean easy fuel oil are used on the lifting chain, if the product quality does not meet the technological requirements, it will also cause waste in work and corrosion. The lifting chain.

3. Chain materials

In order to reduce the production cost of roller chains, some manufacturers have chosen unqualified materials, such as high content of nonmetallic impurities in steel, thus reducing the corrosion resistance of the formed chains themselves, resulting in similar defects.

4. Operating environment

When roller chains work in harsh environment for a long time, it will be considered that the content of harmful substances is too high or the space is too small to prevent rusting, which will lead to rusting of roller chains and wear of roller chains during transmission.